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The Chosen One, 02/20/2020


At once I saw our country’s flaw:

“No one,” they said, “is above the law.”

But I am The Chosen One, like Iran’s great Shah.

Putting limits on me just got stuck in my craw.

So, like the great Mussolini, I just set my jaw,

Ripped up the Constitution like it was made of straw.

Old man Mueller tried to take me down. Oh, pshaw!

I got protection: Attorney General Bill (Humbug) Ba’.

The Dems’ attack? Effective as a swipe from a kitten’s paw:

Impeach me? So what? Turned out to be more blah blah blah.

My Senators kissed my ring; (and I’ll fix that traitor from Utah)

While I got to ogle my daughter, ooh la la,

Enjoy a hot massage in my Mar-a-Lago spa

Bought with money from my Nazi-loving Pa.

I raped The Court, so to its independence I can say, Ta Ta.

Those so-called Checks and Balances? I have the last Ha Ha.

My opposition’s splintered, each one hoping for at least a draw.

I destroyed the Biden boys, shredded them like paper with a table saw.

And now what? Now who? Pocahontas? Klobuchar? The gay guy? Nah!

With Russia’s help, I’m a cheerleader for Bernie. You go, boy! Rah Rah!

While my gun-toting minions scream out my praises, Hosanná!

And those Evangelical Christian adore me, singing Hallelujáh!

It’s all but over, I’m in control; it’s all me now, me and my megalomaniá!

Today, like every day, I looked in the mirror, and liked what I saw:

Behold my utter splendor, regard me in utter awe!

I am, at last, The King of America – L’etat C’est Moi!

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