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Banana Republicans, December, 2019

Updated: Mar 6, 2020


Banana Republicans

Got the impeachment blues, just want to cry

Watched every second, don’t ask me why

(I’d rather be in a deli eating a pastrami on rye,

Or maybe scrambled eggs with matzoh brei)

For Committee Republicans, Intelligence just doesn’t apply

(Devin Nunes drones on and on like a tse-tse fly;

Jim Jordon snarls his eye-popping Popeye;

The cowards understand “Under Oath” and they’re shy

Where’s Bolton, Mulvaney, Pompeo and Giulian(eye)?

Just Banana Republicans, my, oh my)

To the actual charges they cannot reply

“The phone call was perfect” – a perfect lie

Our President loves Putin but not our ally

Banana Republicans, they make me sigh

Every witness they hear they soon decry

There’s no conspiracy too stupid to try

(Is there anything that the 40 percent won’t buy?)

Corrupt acts they defend with some lame alibi

Whatever he does, they’ll defend to the sky

They wallow in mud – our country’s pig sty

But there’s one fact that no one can yet deny

(While the world consumes this American pie):

Our Bully-in-Chief cares just about “I”

(It’s small satisfaction, but impeachment is nigh)

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Come, mister tally man, tally misdemeanors

High crimes come and me wan' 'em to go home


james lohman
james lohman


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